Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The country has gone crazy!  Crazy for Oprah!  It's amazing to me the hysteria that this woman can invoke.  From the moment she landed, all of the news stations have been following her around.

Yesterday, she filmed two shows at the Opera house.  350,000 people turned up to try and get tickets to the taping.  There were only 6,000 tickets to give away.  Hotel prices are tripled for this weekend and this is AFTER Oprah has left the country (I know b/c I was going to go to Sydney but it's too expensive now). 

One of the television stations showed a woman burst into tears as Oprah drove by and waved to her.  This woman had to be in her 30's.  I thought only teenage girls burst into tears when Justin Beiber walked into a room.

On Sunday, HA and I were in Kingston getting dinner and there was a man in a suit with an earpiece.  My first thought wasn't "oh, the prime minister must be around".   No, no - my first thought was "wonder if Oprah is in town?"

This is crazy and the amount of tourism that will come out of her visit here will be on the crazy scale as well.  I'm ready for her to go home.