Thursday, September 30, 2010

Next Blog>>

Every now and again, I'll go onto my blog and click the Next Blog>> button to see what Blogger will return to me.  I figure it's a way to potentially find new blogs to follow and it's interested to see the type of blogs Google aligns with mine.

Today I clicked the Next Blog>> button and was presented with a blog about quilting and furniture restoration.  Hmmm...quilting?  Maybe you could justify furniture restoration as I can have a crafty side to me, but quilting?  I made one quilt square in my life for cute little Silas's baby quilt, but that came out crooked and I was a bit embarrassed by it.

So I clicked Next Blog>> again and was presented with a blog on "The Perfect Wife's Guide".  I'm not married and when I was, or if I ever am again, I very much doubt that I would fall into the Perfect Wife category simply b/c I would never read a Perfect Wife's guide.

I'm not sure how Google does the blog alignments, but I suspect it's based on whatever is put into the labels of the blogs.  I generally don't label my blogs which may be the problem.  So, over the next few blogs, I'm going to start putting crazy labels in to see if makes any difference.

I'd love for you to visit my blog and then click the Next Blog>> button to see what's returned to you.


  1. I got a great idea. When you get to your blog page, you could write something. (sorry, I'm in a smart aleck mood)

    I got a ranch blog when I hit next blog Hey you used to be into horses way back when.

  2. When I clicked Next Blog I ended up on a scrapbooking blog. Obviously you're deep down a very crafty person. That is one reason why we need you here for the wedding preparations. Please, dear daughter, come home!