Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Projects, Projects, Projects

When you're a SAHM, you need to find something to do besides laundry, dishes, dirty diapers, and story time.  For me, I'm taking on getting the playroom sorted as that's where we spend the vast majority of our time during the day.

We have a bookcase full of toys and books.  I bought a mat for the floor so that she won't bonk her head when she rolls over.  I have a chair for me to sit in and we got a tv to play PBS Kids or something more adult for me when I'm getting bored.

But during her naps, I'd like to try and find something else to do.  I've found four projects on pinterest that I want to try out.  I am, however, not being very proactive in getting them done.

Texture Wall - I found this on pinterest and thought it would be fun.  We've already been to Joann's and picked out a few fabrics for the wall.  I had no idea how expensive fabric was and especially since I don't want large swatches of fabric.  Anywho - I have these all done, I just have to find a way to attach them to Gigi's cork board without using tacks (I don't want them to fall off onto the floor).

Book Shelves for Gigi's Room - In the old house, we had some small book shelves up in Gigi's room but with the new house, she has a whole playroom with large Ikea book shelf.  I thought it would be fun to still have some books in her room so I found this pinterest idea for book shelves using Ikea spice racks.  I have the spice racks - I just need to paint them white.  I should just get this done - it would be super easy.

Magnetic Chalkboard - This one will be fun as she gets older and should be super easy.  I have the drip pan and chalkboard paint.  Again, I should just get it done.  Note - mine will not be as fancy as the one in the picture.

Alphabet wall - I've really wanted to do this one since I found out that I was pregnant, but it will be the most time consuming and expensive project to do.  I've bought the scrapbook paper and three letters (her initials) to see just how time consuming this will be.  Who knew that these 8" paper mache letters would cost $2.99 each!?!  I'm going to try the letters I have this week and make a decision on if I want to finish the project or not.


  1. Lots of good ideas. It seems that everything associated with arts and crafts is pretty darn expensive.

  2. When you need small pieces of fabric go to the quilting section. They have pre-cut 10" squares that would work perfectly. For the letters, go buy one at a time from Hobby Lobby and use their 40% off coupon from their website. I love the alphabet. I'd be glad to help if you just assign me the letters.

  3. Could you use Velcro to attach the textures to the wall? You can get it with adhesive so it's easy to apply. I'm with mom - I'll help with the letters if you need it!