Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project 52 - Week 5

This week's theme for the Project 52 was "Muse".  I'm still experimenting to find my style and to be quite honest, to find the time to practice.  The themes for the Project 52 don't come out in Australia until late on Saturday so that generally leaves me Sunday as a free day to try and take pictures.  Otherwise, I have to take the pictures in the evening after work.  I'm not quick to come up with ideas for the theme.  Quite often HA will provide me with an idea.  Getting good at photography is hard work and if you don't have an eye for the composition, it's very difficult.

This past weekend, I was in Sydney.  Friday night I was at a concert for Grinderman and on Saturday, I saw "Love, Loss, and What I Wore" at the Opera House with my friend LB - which, by the way, I HIGHLY recommend.  The show was fantastic - I would love to see the American version.  While we were in Sydney, we also went to the zoo and Watson's Bay.  Both areas of Sydney have phenomenal views.  Every time I go to Sydney, I am so inspired and wish I knew how to take those breathtaking landscapes pictures that you find in stores.  Sydney is one of the reasons I wanted to learn to take good pictures.  So in that vein, I decided to have the city of Sydney as my Muse.

5/52 - Muse

I'm finding that I like my pictures with a border - I feel like they make the picture pop more.  At the same time, I think I need to keep playing with my style to find what suits me.

What's your muse?

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  1. That is an incredible picture! How do you put the border on?