Monday, February 14, 2011

Project 52 - Week 6

The theme for Week 6 was "Words".  I'm going to be honest, I wasn't really feeling the theme last week and, well, I didn't even try to take some pictures. 

However, this past weekend in Canberra, the multi-cultural festival was being held.  This is one of HA's favorite weekends of the year, so on Saturday evening, we headed out.  When I attended the event two years ago, it was fairly busy but not so overly busy that you wanted to shoot people.  Unfortunately, I couldn't say that about this year.  The festival was crammed with people - which is good for Canberra - not so good for someone who hates crowds.

My point is, this festival was very busy and parking in downtown Canberra is at a premium.  On the walk home, HA and I were getting a kick out of how all the Aussie's were parking wherever they could - this includes on sidewalks and grass areas.  Which led me to this picture.  I took it with my iphone so it's not great quality.

Words - that people don't pay attention to
This is definitely an Aussie trait.  They will park anywhere that is available without repercussion of a ticket.  It can get quite funny.

Also while I was out walking the lake this weekend, I came across this:

You can't really tell in this picture, but it's clear that the trolley has been in the lake for some time - it's quite rusted.  How it got pulled out of the water, I'm not real sure.  But it's now sitting in the grass by the lake.  I took this picture with the Hipstamatic app on my iphone.

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  1. I've only just realized the update to your blog layout. I love it. I have been reading your blog on my phone (I know, don't hate me for being so disrespectful to your photographs), so I did not notice. It looks quite nice on a 21.5 inch monitor. Casey just asked when you are getting one of those :)

    BTW, I just noticed your blog count is way higher than ours. OK, our count is actually higher, but more than half of the clicks are from me, so adjusting for inflation, your count is higher.