Saturday, September 8, 2012

Right Side Up

Well, it's done!  I'm back in the United States for good.  That's right - back on home soil.  

It has been fantastic being home.  I'm in love with nesting at the moment.  I've turned into a serious homebody.  

I'm travelling to PA every week for work so I just get a few days at home each week.  When I'm home, all I want to do is be home.  I'm a completely different girl than who I was in Oz.  No more late nights with the boys drinking lots of beers.  Now, its the couch and the TV for me - and I'm ok with that!

First order of business was to redecorate the bedroom.  I had been wanting to do that before I left but felt it best to wait.  I had a beautiful golden brown bedroom set but I was ready for something new.  Something lighter and more versatile.

Old Bedroom:
Old Bedroom

New Bedroom:
New Bedroom
I'm not done yet - I need to find some artwork for the walls, put up the new curtains, and new lamps for the bedside tables.

So excited to be home!!

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