Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Traveling Pet Peeves

Since my return from Australia, I've been traveling across country each week for work. Because of this I've become intimately familiar with how to get through security quickly.

I've also discovered I have no patience for people that don't travel regularly. The Denver airport has multiple lines in security - one for families, one for casual travelers, and one for experienced travelers. I think that is the best idea ever. It's so frustrating when you do security every week and you're stuck behind a family with four kids who have packed a million bottles of water.

So below are my pet peeves. If you don't travel much, maybe this will help the next time you go to the airport. In the meantime, I need to watch In The Air again to get George clooney's suggestion on how to get through security quickly.

1. Listen to the TSA at security. Take off your shoes and belt. They will make you go back through the X-ray machine. Don't have any fluids - unopened or not. You also no longer have to take out your iPad or hold your ticket through the scanner. So don't fuss if you forget.

2. On the other side of the scanner, there is no need to redress at the X-ray machine. Take your shoes and belt to the benches they've provided. This will open things up much quicker for the people behind you. Also, take your suitcase off the belt immediately. Again, it moves things along faster for the people behind you.

3. Don't bunch up around the ticket counter during boarding. If you're not first class, you're not boarding immediately. You're there - they won't leave without you.

4. At the luggage carousel, there is absolutely no reason to stand in front of another person that has been standing there waiting. There's lots of room and your bag isn't going anywhere. Respect people's personal space.

There. I've vented. Now I just need to get approved for TSA Pre so I won't have to deal with people at security. Keep your fingers crossed that the US government thinks I'm a safe traveler!!

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