Sunday, January 20, 2013

Welcome to the family Charli-Anne Watts

We have fantastic news! We've decided to expand our family!

Her name is Charli-Anne and we couldn't be happier! We found her through Halo Rescue which is a not for profit shelter which does not euthanize.

She's a beautiful grey and white long-haired tuxedo. When we found her, she was very docile and sweet. She's 6yrs old and she was given up by another family so we knew she was litter box trained and we wouldn't have to deal with kitten craziness.

When we got her home, she was immediately curious and exploring the house. We had taken her from the shelter in the middle of dinner time so we decided to feed her. She ate an entire can of food! That's a lot of food for a 7 lb cat! She loves her food and she's teeny tiny so we're trying to fatten her up. She loves her food and will eat whatever we give her. In fact, we have to fight her off from our dinner!

She's already settled into the house and has made herself at home. She snuggled us last night and has claimed a spot on the couch.

We're so excited to have her in the family!



  1. So, she's a girl. So I guess Alvin doesn't work.
    She's a beautiful cat and it looks like she is making herself right at home.