Friday, January 14, 2011

My Favorite Shoes

I'm part of the MCP Actions Project 52 and this week's theme was "Illustrate a Song".  I've had a few ideas and have been taking lots of pictures so I can pick the one I like the best.  One of the songs that I'm thinking of is Ruby Red Shoes by Sawyer Brown.  I thought of this song because I have some really great red shoes that I like to show off (even though they kill my feet!).

I took some pictures last night and here is one of them. 

Another song I was thinking of doing is Tall, Tall Trees by Alan Jackson.  Thankfully, it's stopped raining enough to go outside after work and take some pictures (keep your fingers crossed that it stays that way).

It obviously wasn't that sunny outside when I took the picture.  I've applied Pioneer Woman's Sunlight action to the picture and then a vignette.

Can you tell I've become a bit addicted to Photoshop?  :)  I'm trying not to use it too much though b/c I don't want to become dependent on it to make good pictures.

I've also made a new little logo for myself.  I'm not sure which one I like better.  Comments would be appreciated.

So which picture should I submit?  Does anyone have any ideas for other songs I could illustrate?


  1. I love the red shoes! I can't conjure up the song in my head but those sure are some beautiful ruby red shoes.

    What about the Pretty Woman song? The shoes would even work for that.

  2. I like the Tall Tall Trees. The picture is a really good picture and it shouts out the song. Nice shot.

  3. I like both pictures, but if I have to choose one, I choose Tall Tall Trees. Your logo is great. How are you learning all this stuff? I need you to come teach me. For a song suggestion, how about Girls Night Out by the Judds? It would be easy enough to illustrate if you were here with your sisters.

  4. @Mom - I did the logo in photoshop. You can do all kinds of stuff with Photoshop. Do you plan on getting it? When I come in March, I can bring my PSE 9 for you to lad onto your computer and I can show you how to use it.