Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away

For those of you that don't pay attention to Australian news, you might be surprised to find out that Australia is currently experiencing some of the worst floods in the last century.  Portions of Queensland have been experiencing flooding since late December but these floods were expected and, while damaging, were manageable.  Early this weekend, the capital of Queensland, Brisbane, realized that they too would soon be flooded if the rain continued to fall.  The peak of the flooding is expected tomorrow (Thursday) so what you're reading about now is not the worst that is expected (see article below).

HA's family lives in Brisbane and I have quite a few friends and co-workers who live in Brisbane.  I spent my Christmas holiday there and joked that the city would flood if the rain kept at that pace.

Thankfully, everyone I know is safe and accounted for.  HA's sister's property has flooded and they are cutoff from town but they are safe and have an evacuation plan if necessary.

Please keep Queensland in your thoughts and if you'd like to and are able to, donate to the relief effort:
Queensland Flood Relief Appeal

For more information and a picture into what's being experienced, here is a good article from The Australian:
Australian Flood Article

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